School Readiness (SR)

Child Care can be Affordable

The School Readiness Program is a state and federally funded program that helps families pay for child care. The program prepares children to become ready for school. It also assists families in becoming financially self-sufficient.

Child care assistance is available for qualifying families to pay part of the child care costs based on the family’s income, household size, and other factors.

What are the benefits of
School Readiness?

Prepares young children to enter school ready to learn

Helps families afford quality care for their children

Helps families to go to work or go to school

Helps families become financially independent

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the School Readiness program:

Parents or Legal Guardian(s) must reside in Osceola County.

​Parents or Legal Guardian(s) must meet a purpose for care (employed for a minimum 20 hours per week, enrolled full time in accredited college or trade school and/or documentation of a disability by a licensed Physician).

Parent of Legal Guardian(s) must meet Income Guidelines – gross income must be at or below the 150% of Federal Poverty level based on their family size.

Learn How to Apply

Parent or Legal Guardian(s) must register for a Family Portal account and submit online application along with proof of eligibility (pay stub, school class schedule or proof of disability).

how to register for an account

school readiness application

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